Tampa Cake Girl - Decorating Easter Cupcakes
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Decorating Easter Cupcakes - Recipe #32
Decorating Easter Cupcakes
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The key to a pretty cupcake is the icing tip you use and the icing. It can’t be too soft or so stiff that your pastry bag breaks. The frosting I used in these pictures is homemade, the scratch stuff. Canned frosting at the grocery store is too soft to pipe. Sorry.
I always prefer to decorate cupcakes or cakes with edible decor. Whether it gets eaten or tossed, it’s better than someone, especially a child eating something they should not. I used peanut M&Ms in the nest. Jelly beans can also be used. I used Peeps for the chicks and the bunnies. They are inexpensive and very colorful.
The bunny cupcakes are decorated with a 1M Wilton tip. I start from the outside edge and go around in a circle until I build up the center.
For the bird nest, I used tip 233 Wilton. It looks like grass. Or long pieces of spaghetti if you make it long. I just went around in circles with that tip. I built up the sides for the nests. It doesn’t have to be perfect, remember real birds nests are not perfect.
Have fun. Your kids big and small will love them.
bakinginatornado      March 26, 2014 at 2:20 pm                       
Those are so cute. I really need to invest in some tips. I keep telling myself I won’t use them enough, but then I see cupcakes like yours and think they look so great I should at least try. If I do, and mine don’t look like yours (and we both know they won’t), I’m totally holding you responsible.
Tampa Cake Girl      March 26, 2014 at 3:39 pm           
Yours will probably look better! I will take full responsibility, I know they will turn out beautiful! Can’t wait to see pictures!